Do you like to play games? Are you into 3D and fast-paced action? If so, then this is the game for you! Get ready to unleash your hidden potential. It’s time to meet your maker. No, not literally… But in this world of violence and death, we have to face the fact that some people will always have to die. Become one of these ‘Suicide Titans’ by taking on online killing games with a whole new speed and style! You are the only one who can stop an onslaught of enemies hellbent on destroying everything around them. Utilize a variety of sniper rifles, machine guns, shotguns and more in realistic multiplayer modes. Reload times are real bureaucratic nightmares in 360 degrees of mayhem where every bullet carries a cost. Do you have what it takes to deal with the pressure of constant scrutiny? If so, get ready for the Deadshotio: The RPG Shooter Game - 3D Arena FPS - io Game - Gun Multiplayer - HTML5 Weapon

The game starts with a bang. You're standing on a rooftop, looking down on the multiplayer map St Petersburg. The city is burning and smoke is rising from the centre of town. Everyone knows what's going to happen next: uprising. It's fucking revolution, man! So, prepare for some intense multiplayer action as you take out your opponents in 3D arena FPS

This is a game of death. You play as one of many snipers across the world who are working towards one goal: to bring down the most insane assassin known to man. There’s no looking back, no going back. You’re on a mission and your only option is to complete it or die

How To Play

Using Mouse

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