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Introduction to the game

That's Not My Neighbor, a 2024 horror title by Nacho Sama, offers a refreshing take on the genre. It blends elements of job simulation and detective work into a chilling experience that explores themes of identity and the fear of the unknown. This essay delves into the game's strengths, its ability to create psychological horror, and its lasting impact on the player.

Background of the game:

One of the game's greatest strengths is its use of a seemingly mundane setting – an apartment building. The horror doesn't lurk in a dark forest or haunted asylum; it hides behind familiar faces. This normalcy makes the threat of doppelgangers all the more unsettling. Players, as the player-doorman, are forced to scrutinize everyday details – a missing button, a nervous twitch, an offhand remark – to discern truth from deception. This constant vigilance creates a sense of paranoia, blurring the lines between real and fake.

Player's role:

Unlike many horror games where the protagonist is a victim, That's Not My Neighbor places us in a position of power. We are the gatekeeper, responsible for protecting the residents from doppelgangers with unknown motives. The decisions we make have real consequences, adding a layer of moral weight to the gameplay. A wrongly denied tenant could be a genuine resident, while letting a doppelganger slip through could endanger the entire building. This constant pressure amplifies the tension and makes us acutely aware of the fragility of reality.

The Power of Observation:

The game's reliance on observation and deduction is another key factor in its success. Unlike titles that bombard players with jump scares, That's Not My Neighbor lets us build the horror in our minds. We meticulously analyze facial expressions, clothing styles, and snippets of conversation, searching for inconsistencies that reveal a doppelganger. This active participation in unraveling the mystery creates a deeper sense of dread and a more personal connection to the horror. The unsettling pixelated visuals and the game's 1950s setting further contribute to the oppressive atmosphere.

How to play the That's Not My Neighbor

Visit the website to play for free

Click play to launch the game


The game utilizes a point-and-click mechanic. You interact with the doppelgangers by checking their appearance, belongings, and even their conversations with other tenants.

Game tips:

Look for Inconsistencies: Doppelgangers might not perfectly replicate their targets. Pay close attention to details in clothing, appearance, and even their knowledge of everyday routines.

Listen Closely: Dialogue can be a giveaway. Watch for inconsistencies in conversations or unusual phrasings that don't match the expected personality of the tenant.

Trust Your Gut: Sometimes, a sense of unease can be your best clue. If something feels off about a potential tenant, investigate further.



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