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The last few years have seen the release of a number of amazing shooters. 2017 was no exception with titles like No Man’s Sky,omi,and Stardew Valley leading the pack with their unique take on the genre. But what sets Blippe apart from the rest? For one thing, their gunplay is brilliant. You see, in Blippe, players aren’t just playing a game: they’re gunning for high scores and bragging rights at home. The result is an authentic, fun spin on the high-octane shooter experience that you won’t find anywhere

The new gun is here, and this time it's real. The Virtual Gun is a 3D multiplayer shooting game that lets you fire your weapon in real life without the threat of being shot yourself. Load up with friends and let your team take down the opposing team with virtual bullets. This game requires you to think tactically while engaging multiple opponents at once. Try your luck at different odds and scoring levels to find one that best fits your

The most advanced crosshair in the world! Watch the video to see why. These are my top 3 gun games that you need to check out this year. From first person to third person, from multiplayer to single-player, from competitive to farting around with friends — these are some of the best gun games out there. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 5 gun games you need to play this

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