The top-down battle royale genre has only grown in popularity over the last several months. When The Culling developer Wildcard first announced their new game, BattleDude, they said it would be a “simple and fast experience” that players could dive into without feeling overwhelmed. As an avid gamer, I’m happy to report that BattleDudesio is everything I wanted and more. Inspired by games like Duke Nukem 3D and River City Ransom, BattleDudesio places you in the shoes of a lone warrior against an all-powerful army of fellow players and bots. To win, you must eliminate your opponents before time runs out. Simple, right? Well… yes and no. In order to prevent unfair advantages from being exploited by skilled AI players, the game requires its combatants to follow certain rules. These rules are known as battledudesio (cubedudesio for those who speak Latin) because every action has a corresponding reaction – think of them as tips on how to defeat other players at battle level 1. As such, each match is a test of patience and strategy as you attempt to gain an edge in a fight that can only be won or lost based on which side you choose toGuard: battle or dudo? In this article, I'll explain the different ways you can play BattleDudesio so that you don’t get left behind when starting

A modern tank game in which you have to destroy other tanks. Use any weapon and battle with any tanks. Battledudesio is a top-down, vehicular, multiplayer combat game where you must destroy other vehicles by using your Tank as a weapon. You have to get the enemy tanks out of the way while your own tank advances by destroying obstacles and enemy tankes. Get the enemies out of your way before they get into

What's a tank game without multiplayer? BATTLE DROMGE is a top-down, vehicular strategy game where players control tanks by fighting each other across a dynamic battlefield. The goal is to destroy your opponent's Tank while avoiding their own tanks, buildings and towers. It's simple, yet

How To Play

Using Mouse

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