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The best shooting game ever made has just gotten better with every now not only one of the most exciting games in 2018, but also one of the most is a next-gen top-down shooter that channels your inner monster while simultaneously making you feel like you’re playing on a this fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled shootout, you and up to three friends go head-to-head as waves of bullets make their way towards your head. You might start out as a lone hunter, but with each new wave of bullets, you become more and more like… a Bullet. Each Bullet is unique — some are snipers, some are guns for hire, some are scientists — and they all come with their own set of special abilities that help them take down their opponent(s) even faster. The more firepower you have at your disposal, the better chance you have of surviving the battle and unlocking new Bullet

In the apocalypse, bullets won’t hurt as many people as you’d think. You might have to kill a lot of people to save a lot of people, but at least you’ll be killing things that want to kill you. Zombies? Well, they don’t count because there aren’t any left. Probably. As far as you know, anyway—you may not have been keeping track and the zombies outside aren’t quite dead yet. In this post-apocalyptic world, you take on the role of a Bullet as they fight for their lives against legions of undead and other survivors who don’t believe in guns. You are one bullet: an ordinary man or woman with extraordinary abilities who fights to protect those around her in a world that no longer believes in gun

This is the most exciting and thrilling 3D shooting game you’ll ever play! Shoot everything in sight: zombies, animals, vegetables, people… anything that gets in your way. Utilize different types of bullets to destroy your targets. The more brutal the better! You can either be a slow-motion sniper shooting from afar or a fast-paced gunslinger who dons an array of colorful firearms as weapons. Choose from a variety of crazy character skins, powerups and equipment to turn the tide of up, shoot stuff :D Play online with your friends for free at GunNets Download now for freeGun2Sight

How To Play Bullets & Brains

Using Mouse

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