It’s the end of an era. Battle Royale is coming to io! Today, we are announcing that io Games is launching a new brand: Battle Royale. With this new identity, we’re making it easier for players to understand what makes us different than other game development companies. We’re also showing our fans and the world at large that we’re not just another corporation who buys popular games and rehashes them—we’re interested in creating original games built from the ground up for mobile devices, not just porting old ones for modern consoles. It might not exactly be “The Hunger Games meets Fortnite,” but there’s no denying that Battle Royale shares many of the same feels as one of pop culture’s most ground-breaking franchises. If you played either title in the past year or so — or if you simply enjoy seeing how far you can throw your nightmarish version of reality on unsuspecting players — then you should check out io Games’ debut game today: Battle

Crafting is the most fun, challenging and rewarding aspect of playing games. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the best Crafting Games online. These games are side scrolling, crafting based games that take place within a world or universe. Often these games have a combat element to them and involve creating weapons, armour and other crafting resources in order to defeat your enemies or complete objectives within the game. But what if you could craft anything imaginable without actually having to make anything? What if all you had to do was point, click and create? Well today we’re going to explore how making web pages can literally be crafting itself! Check out these 5 amazing free Website Building Games – they will give you just the right amount of challenge while still leaving you with plenty of room for creativity and

The best way to show your friends how much you care about them is by giving them a gift that shows how much you care about them too. But what if you could give them something so much more personal? A gift that would let them know just how much you care without word-of-mouth or photos? That’s right, gift cards! With gift cards, the recipient doesn’t even have to know they’re getting one. They simply receive it as a surprise present and enjoy the sweet, sweet joy of being able to spend their hard-earned cash however they

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Using Mouse

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