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The dwarves are back in style! Get ready to explore the mines, craft you own weapons and armor and die again! This time you take on the role of a miner who finds something buried deep within the earth. Your goal is to reach the top of the dungeon, gain access to an ancient vault and get your hands on some legendary Dwarven glory. Death And Loot is a 2D pixel fantasy action strategy game set in a world where death is not final. Build up your team, manage your resources wisely, upgrade your equipment and fight off endless waves of enemies as you attempt to become the mightiest dwarf around! —————- Features —————- • Endless gameplay: Die again as a dwarf or try out our suggested character attributes. We’ve got everything from speedy looters to slow but powerful mages with unique skills and abilities. You can even play as an elf if that’s your thing! • Simple yet addicting combat: The player attacks using their hero with various weapons at their disposal. Each weapon has its own special properties such as increased physical damage or chance to cause bleeding or poison. With enough skill players can even use these against other players! • Customizable character attributes: Play how you want to play by choosing from 15 different attributes for your character. Enhance both offensive and defensive capabilities through items found in dungeons or purchased with in-game gold. You can even choose whether you want to be stealthy or focused on offense with our Character Upgrades system.

You’ve spent your entire life training for one day. One day where you stand face-to-face with death and decide if you want to stay alive or go down in history as the man who died to save his people. Today, you’ll die, that’s inevitable, but how does it feel to know that the moment of your demise will be written all over your face? If you answered YES to this question, then Dwarves Glory Death And Loot might be exactly what you’re looking for! Dwarves Glory Death And Loot is a pixelated, 2D action-RPG with elements of roguelike and strategy games. It features loot (Gems), skills (Orders) and races (Dwarves). Control one of six races: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs or Hobbits (Short People), Goblins or Elites and finally Undead. Each race has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, humans have a faster pace of play but they also have fewer opportunities for high scores. Even though this review will focus on the 6 races only because I believe their stories are best told that way and not simply based on which character I like most, you can expect my thoughts on each race within the game itself. You can also expect plenty of dwarf content so make sure you stay tuned! To sum up in just one sentence: Dwarves Glory Death And Loot is an RPG with pixel artwork that changes

Dwarves glory death and loot, Game,fantasy, Action, Pixel, roguelike 2d Survival Strategy Battle! You play as a dwarf and you are tasked with finding the legendary Dwarven Crown of Glory. If you manage to find it before anyone else, that is. The quest takes place on a strange and wild land where dangers lurk beyond description. With only your wits and an arsenal of deadly weapons at your disposal, you’ll have to explore, fight and scavenge your way through hostile territory in order to collect resources and find the crown. To complete each stage you’ll need to reach predetermined locations with your character on foot or by using various means of transport such as a motorcycle or even a snowmobile! The game is played from top-down using an easy-to-follow 3rd person perspective. Your goal: Don’t

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