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Today we will continue our exploration of the world of gaming, this time diving into online multiplayer adventure games. These games have been around almost as long as the internet has existed, and they are definitely not going anywhere. There are many great adventure games available on Google Play and other app stores today, but only a few of them offer the same immersive online multiplayer experience that we do at Eliatopia. While previous adventure game experiences were often very linear and required you to follow a certain path, many good games today give you the ability to explore freely and find your own way through. If you like exploring and playing different types of video games, then I highly recommend giving these types of games a

In this game you will explore a mysterious land filled with adorable creatures and their magical and battle against other players or AI characters in this fully layered and sandbox-like virtual world.Eliatopia is a game in the Adventurer’s Guild’s Cartoon Revolution series that aims to be loosely based on an old school comic book medium. What that means for you is that it features a cartoonish art style, simple controls and linear gameplay. It was created as a side project by the guild members who also work at various local game development studios — but have since expanded their horizons to create other indie games of their

This is a cartoon adventure game. You play as a boy named Eli who must explore the world by climbing on monsters and birds. You can attack them or just run away. This game has a beautiful anime style, so it would look good on any device. Also, it has an awesome soundtrack with great music from composers like Yuzo Koshiro and

How To Play Eliatopia

Using Mouse

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