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Fantasy Madness is a top-down RPG action game with an emphasis on combat. It has cool graphics, lots of enemy types and a deep story. But most importantly: it's fun! Fight against the darkness in this journey to become the wizard who can vanquish fantasy and reality at the same time. Make choices that affect the story, your equipment, your spells and your ultimate fate. This amazing game is a turn-based RPG where you play as one of five characters fighting for supremacy against an evil god. Choose from one of four different character classes - Warrior, Rogue, Wizard or Magi - and fight to become the greatest wizard of them all. Use spells to overcome enemies or melee combat to defeat them. You choose how you fight according to what kind of character you are - using magic or fighting with weapons? Dungeon-crawling battles have you facing deadly enemies one after another while exploring randomly generated dungeons filled with danger and traps alike. Each battle is different: there are no two fights alike, so prepare yourself for scenarios that leave you stunned and mouth-guarded in awe. The combinations of enemies, items and terrain change constantly during each playthrough; therefore every fight is

The world is ending! If you’re anything like me, that makes you a little crazy. That’s because I love everything about this game. The setting, the story, the content, and especially the soundtrack. From the eerie sounds of a dying world to the fast-paced action of a tense battle, every moment has something to offer. This game is set in an apocalyptic future where humanity fights for their lives against supernatural invaders. You play as one of these anti-heroes—an agent with special powers who fights for good against evil. Your skills are matched only by your bravery and resolve—but victory will not be yours if you do not focus fully on what you can control: your actions. In order to save mankind from utter extinction, you must venture into dungeons and fight your way through waves of monsters in turn-based combat adventures. There are roguelikes for those who like playing under pressure, but if you’re looking for something original and exciting then look no further than This one

You are a mad scientist who has created the perfect fantasy world. Or so you think. You have spent too long perfecting your Alice in Wonderland world and forgot that there is always room for improvement. Without power, someone will be Innovators to better your world and take it away from you. Fight,pvp,hack and survive in a medieval-themed hack ‘n’ slash game! Upgrade your weapons, armors and powers to become the most powerful madman on the block. Slay your enemies with swords, lances or magic spells. Test yourself against others of your kind in PvP battle royales or endless PvE games. This amazing game is a colorful action RPG where you fight to become the most cunning scientist while upgrading your castle, weapons and

How To Play Fantasy Madness

Using Mouse

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