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PVP is not about who can shoot the most bullets or who has the best gun. It’s about who has the balls and goes after that person with everything they have, without fear of getting their shot back. PVP is a battlefield where two teams of players fight to the death to win control of territory, resources, and other players. Both teams must work together in order to protect their own but they are also free to attack one another. The more kills you get, the better your team will be at the matchmaker and you’ll gain points that can be spent on new weapons, upgrades for existing weapons, Gold, and even new items. You may want to stay close by your team mates as they fight alone but if you must go it alone, aim for headshots as this will give you an edge against other lone wolves. How To Hire A Player For Your Server

You’ve just witnessed a modern-day reenactment of the Battle Of Okinawa. A massive, air-and-land assault has been planned to retake one of the most heavily fortified places on Earth. You are part of the team tasked with infiltrating and destroying enemy positions. It’s a top-secret op, but you know someone is tracking your every move: it’s an ISIS player! Your stealth skills have barely been tested when you are thrust into battle without warning. The stakes have never been higher. Enter: Fields Of Fury, a thrilling first-person shooter set in the ancient war games of East

It's no secret that modern video games are filled with action and violence. In fact, the majority of video game players are between the ages of 18-34. However, what isn't so widely known is that there are many different types of gamers. The fields of fury subreddit is a great place to learn more about different types of gamers and how they interact with games. If you're a gamer yourself or know someone who would benefit from joining in on the fun, comment below with any information you

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Using Mouse

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