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Gun Mayhem is a free-roaming, 3-player FPS where you and your friends have one goal: to dispatch the opposing team withueighty automatic weapons while protecting your own team from enemy players. The game has an engaging story mode, an arsenal of more than 40 weapons (including assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols and more), and a customizable gunplay mode that allows you to choose which weapons appear in the game. This one has become a global phenomenon because it brings together some of the best shooters in one experience. With each weapon adding its own unique spin on shooting and action, This game is sure to please fans of first-person shooter games

You have been chosen by an ancient race of directors to play This one. You must fight your way through a series of increasingly challenging stages, using any means necessary to stop the violence-soaked criminals from destroying everything that is normal. Only then will you be granted admission into the Gun Club, a secret society with unlimited resources. There, you can use your connections to buy and sell guns, take part in gun competitions for lucrative prizes, and ultimately become one of the most powerful men in the game industry. As long as you can overcome the challenges posed by modern day gangs, religionists, and self centered

Gun Mayhem is a fast-paced, 3-player flash action game set in an arena. Your mission is to take control of the gun and eliminate your opponents. Upgrade your arsenal of weapons, acquire new ones and stay one step ahead of the competition. Try your luck against other players in player vs player (PvP) matches or challenge your friends to a team battle. This one has it

How To Play Gun Mayhem

Using Mouse

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