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Do you like collecting monsters and upgrading them to fight your enemies? If so, this game is for you! It’s the classic tower-defense game with a twist – instead of building walls and towers to repel invading armies, you are headhunting monsters to take their place. Headhunting is a risky business – going up against an enemy that has the ability to change its form at any moment is even more challenging. Fortunately, in Headhunter, you can upgrade your monsters to increase their strength, speed, intelligence or special abilities. When combined correctly, these attributes provide an opportunity for greater success against progressively more difficult opponents. Make use of each monster’s unique skills and upgrade them further using the in-game shop system to become the most powerful hunter among

If you ever played the horror classic “Nightmare Before Christmas”, then you will know what a game like this looks like. This game was created to invoke all of those feelings that we have as kids when we come across something so scary it makes us forget about everything for a moment. If you are looking for a good old-fashioned “jump in the shoes and shoot the monsters” experience, look no further. This game is based on the classic tale of Jack and his pet howler monkey, where Jack gets possessed by an evil witch and must fight off different types of monsters in order to get back to his

A classic monster game, taken to the next level! Fight zombies and other monsters in order to keep them from gaining access to your home. Upgrade your weapons and armor to make fighting them more difficult. Keep an eye on the time as you play. The longer you leave it, the more monsters will be able to get into your home at the same time. Use your strategy and tactics, don’t get overwhelmed by a horde of undead! Bring out your best monster attacks, upgrade them and use them

How To Play Hell Keeper

Using Mouse

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