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As the name suggests, Ragnarok Online is an online, free-to-play, 3D action RPG developed by Miniclip. It’s inspired by classic role playing games like Final Fantasy and The Elder Scrolls but with a modern twist. You take on the role of one of five heroes and fight against other players in real time to be the last player standing. It’s not just about beating your opponents, it's about being the most powerful and destroying them. As you play you will gain experience points which can be spent on new characters, weapons and skills. There are also special dungeons that offer rewards such as equipment or cash. Ragnarok Online is easy to learn and hard to master. You control your character using a WASD keyboard or a ‘mouse’ gamepad which resembles an old Nintendo controller. It was originally created for Microsoft Windows but Miniclip have since ported it to OSX and iOS devices as well. The controls might be simple but they work extremely well considering how much they’re reliant on mouse movements and touch devices (iOS only). The graphics are nice but nothing special. It is still in Early Access so its visuals won’t exactly blow you away once you get used to them but they aren't horrid either so it's more than enough to keep you coming back for more. If you're looking for a fairly simple yet enjoyable Ragnarok Online game with some originality check it out

Hero Battle Fantasy Arena is a top-down action RPG where you must fight your way through dangerous dungeons to save the world from darkness. This game has been designed with quality over quantity in mind, so that each time you play it, it will offer something new and fun. It's still in its early stages as we speak, but Hero Battle Fantasy Arena already has everything you could want out of an online roguelike game: A visually stunning game world, procedurally generated levels, asynchronous PvP combat, and

The world has gone to ruin. The people have been reduced to fighting among themselves in endless civil war. Only the bravest and most resilient remain, taking up arms against one another in a bloody game of swords, sorcery and monster-slaying. But amid the violence and destruction, a small group of heroes have managed to gather an army of their own. Entering a state of Martial War, they wage war on those that oppose them or stand in their

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Using Mouse

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