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What if you could train and ride a real horse? What if you could explore the fields, forests and meadows with your horse in real life? What if you could experience what it is like to be a real mounted knight fighting against real enemies in an actual medieval warfare scenario? This is the premise of Horse Simulator. You play as a young, aspiring mounted knight who dreams of one day becoming a real warlord. You receive training from the village blacksmith on how to fight with a lance and fight on horseback. Real battles will test your skills, courage, and strength of heart. In this challenging game with lots of danger and difficulty levels, your main goal will be to survive for as long as possible and prove yourself as a true warrior on horseback. Have

Horse Simulator 3D is an adventure, simulation and animal hunting game in one. You take the role of a rider who has been assigned to train a group of new recruits at an equestrian center. The goal is simple - to become the best trainer by teaching the horses tricks and skills so they can be used in show events. Each level requires you to perform specific tricks with different types of horses to earn stars and complete objectives. You can also buy new equestrian training courses from within the game itself, which will give you access to different areas or scenarios based on your play style. Make sure you don’t get trapped without any horse training because that’s where failure

Yes, you read that correctly. Horse simulator 3D is an immersive experience where you can virtually ride a real-life Arab horse around an authentic landscape. The game is as much about the experience as it is about the game. So whether you are a seasoned rider looking for a challenge or a total beginner, Horse Simulator 3D has something for you. Get ready to take off and experience the exhilarating thrill of horseback

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Using Mouse

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