Do you like to play online multiplayer games? If you do, then chances are you’ll love the genre known as Battle Royale Games. These games feature a single player but with an emphasis on multiplayer survival. No actual players are left at the end of each match – everyone who has played the game so far simply goes into a winner-take-all-single-elimination tournament. If you’ve never heard of this scene before, that’s probably because it’s still fairly new and isn’t widely known about. Especially if you’re a gamer – there are probably plenty of people playing Battle Royale Games right now who have never heard of it! But what exactly is this type of game? How do they differ from MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) games? And which one is the most fun to play? Let’s take a look at these questions and more in this

Fight the end of days in the ultimate battle royale game with up to 100 players in one shot. Survive in this new kind of battle royale where anyone can become a player. Fight other players as a lone wolf, work together with friends or just play against the computer. Keep yourself and your friends alive in this deathmatch that will test your skills, your eyes, your nerves and most importantly - your

A new era is about to dawn. The time of the amateur gamer is over. You have become a pro, and you will dominate your peers with the skills that you have developed over the years. You are now an elite soldier known as ‘K-1’, and you will compete in a savage battle royale game called ‘Survival:html5’. Utilize your superior skills and win this fierce fight for

How To Play

Using Mouse

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