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Krampus is a demonic figure that inhabits the North Pole, bringing seasonal cheer to the children who have been naughty. But these days, it’s more like…well, you know. The kids are naughty. There’s a This amazing game after everyone else. It’s almost as if we were all bad boys and girls in happy hatless holiday stories from way before we even knew about this guy. We don’t know why he comes or how he does it. But this year, we already have This one because he appears on Christmas Eve to claim his team of holiday carolers and their transgressors alike. This is no trailer for an actual game — this is you playing Krampus, an escape room-style game where you take on the role of a new kid at school – alone or with friends – to battle against time against these supernatural forces bent on your

Are you ready for the This one, the annual holiday treat that sends kids running to the sweets shop? The This game is a malicious, three-legged goat who derives his power from Christmas. His name is short for “ Krampus nacht” – This amazing game Night. But don’t let the yuletide connection lead you to believe this isn’t a vicious, vindictive creature. The This one shows up every year on December 25th to collect children’s souls for Christmas Eve. If these kids are lucky, their krampuses will escort them home afterschool and scare their parents into letting them stay over again the following weekend. But if they’re unlucky, their kramps will bash in their brains with an iron rod or drive them out on christmas night into the cold, dark world

Krampus is a mythical creature with a bad reputation. Most people think he’s some kind of demon that comes to the house at night to get you in your dinner. But that’s just not true! This game, or the Christmas Killers as he is known in Hungarian, actually helps others and does good deeds all year round. In this Halloween-inspired game you have to help him by searching for his clues and solving crimes. The catch? You can’t leave the house! To pass the time you’ll need to listen to creepy stories and take part in freaky challenges like never

How To Play Krampus

Using Mouse

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