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The Mine Block is a sandbox survival game where you have to manage an underground mine and try to protect it from monsters and other players. The game features many different block types, like stone, redstone, coal, diamonds etc. Each of these block types can be mined to get a certain amount of resources. The more resources you manage to get the higher your rank in the mine. You can also build walls and other structures to protect yourself or your villagers from the dangers below. The deeper you go the stronger the monsters will become. Try not to get eaten yourself! If you like Minecraft but don’t want to spend too much time playing it, this app is for you! This game is very simple; just pick a block and start playing! You can also play with your friends via Facebook or Google Play Games services. So what are you waiting for? Get playing

Overlooking a cliff on a remote desert oasis, a lone miner searches for the most bitcoins possible. She is not looking for anyones money, she is looking for the virtual treasure known as Bitcoin. But even with her best efforts, she will never find any bitcoins. Because according to her calculations, there is supposed to be at least another 3

An adorable pixel-art game about mining for

How To Play Mine Blocks

Using Mouse

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