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Do you want to make your own games? If so, this class is for you! I will be teaching you how to make simple top-down games in Processing using the WebGL API. By the end of the class, you should be able to: - Create and draw 2D images - Use HTML/JS to control your games (server) - Add sound, music, and lighting - Record your game play and upload it to a web server In this second edition of my "Getting Started with Game Development" series, we will take our first steps in building cross-platform mobile games. You don’t need any previous game development experience to take this course; all code will be available online for you to study as you

Build your own world with the new Build-It! game. Build and create everything, from houses to lighthouses to aeroplanes – all from scratch! No experience necessary; this is a game for Constructors, Architects, and Anyone Who wants to Build Everything You are an Architect. You have just been hired by Mr. A to build his house. Your job:Build it from the ground up! But what kind of house should you build? Mr. A doesn’t want anything fancy or modern—he just wants something that will work for him and his family. So what kind of house should he build? The answer is in Minecraft!

What is it? A block-building, multiplayer io game. Build anything you want with the blocks and create whatever you want with the items you earn. Make your city grow taller than a skyscraper by collecting all the stars in the sky. Construct a bridge that can connect two different places or make a path for an animal to get from one place to another. It’s your world and you can build it however you like. Let’s see if you have what it takes to become a

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