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Your village is under attack by a terrible horde of monsters! Trapped in your castle, you must battle your way to the exit and save the day. It’s time to face the

You are a member of a special organization called the Mobs Inc. The Mob’s aim is to take over the world by creating and operating zombie-apocalyptic mazes as dungeons. It’s your job to recruit adventurers from around the world, create and run mazes with various monsters in them, and eventually take over the world for good! This game is top-down so you can play it with a single finger on any screen size. But make sure you get used to it first; moving your finger will change the view in the 3D dungeon and often necessitate replaying levels. You start out as an adventurer on quests but as you complete quests, new jobs become available which further increase your level. Once you gain enough experience points to move on to another job or level, you unlock a whole new dungeon area! You never know what adventures await you at that next level! A typical day for an adventurer might start with sleeping until noon, donning appropriate armor before battle or running errands during free time. Or maybe all days are the same for you: fighting zombies in mazes 24/7 for a living? The choice is yours,

From the creators of Minecraft comes an unusual and engaging new online RPG. Get ready to explore a world where everything is mob-based! Rediscover the thrill of solo dungeon exploration, or team up with friends in challenging PvP battles. Discover unique creatures, boost your stats, and lead a life of fun and danger in Mobs

How To Play Mobs, Inc.

Using Mouse

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