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An FPS with an emphasis on Multiplayer, Detective and a 3D Universe. Think of it as a more detailed version of Doom but with Rifles instead of Cannons. You are a detective sent to find out what your partner did in the past. But this time you start from scratch and don’t have any base to explore. Your job is to solve murders and get rid of the suspects so that you can save the future by eliminating all potential witnesses before they tell someone else about what really happened. Last Man Standing! If you like these games, please support the developers and help us bringing more of these awesome titles to life:

Try not to think about it. Try not to remember it. It will only take one crazy person with a gun to ruin your life, right? It’ll be the famous Hannibal Lecter, armed and extremely hungry. Let's face it: we all love a good murder mystery, no matter how much we'd rather stay at home playing video games or watching Netflix than go out and socialize again. And there's nothing like getting together with some friends over some killer food and drinks and solving an actual murder case for real - as opposed to the silly "let's make a death penalty game" kind of ones you see on TV or in movies (or those two videos

A story about a detective and his nemesis with names. While on the trail of a serial killer, he uncovers an ancient evil that is still active today. Detective Kageyama is your typical lone wolf cop in the modern world. But when you’re given a second chance at life and given another chance at love, what does that mean for

How To Play Murderer

Using Mouse

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