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Mutant Fighting Cup is a turn based, action fighting game where you play as giant mutated creatures and fight for the glory in a single elimination tournament. Each of your creatures has its own set of unique abilities and attacks that you can use against your opponents. You must also make sure to keep an eye on your team’s health, as they have a limited number of lives. If all of your fighters are killed then it’s game over and the last creature standing at the end of the match wins. But if you manage to finish with just one fighter alive then it will be upgraded into a more powerful version called a ‘HyperForm’. HyperForms have even more powerful abilities and an increased attack power. Once upgraded, your HyperForm will no longer be affected by death and can continue fighting in future

Mutant Fighting Cup is a fighting game for android, in which you will control an animal (usually a dog) and fight against other animals. You can either fight with AI or with real players in this game. By defeating the opponent you will go to next level. In this game, there are many types of mutants and each mutant has its own abilities. Some mutants have super strength so they can break anything with their fists and some others have claws so they can cut anything easily. The character that controls the player is of no importance as long as they are good at fighting and possess skills required to win the battle. As such, you could be playing as any kind of animal that appears in the game: monkey, dog, snake

The Mutant Fighting Cup is the most popular and prestigious fighting tournament on Earth. It’s unique in that it pits mutants against one another instead of humans. Each contestant chooses 3 fighters from a pool of 6,000 to compete with. You can build your team the way you want it. Do you have a preference for speed or power? Do you prefer fighters that are strong or weak? Whatever your strategy, there’s probably a mutant fighter out there who compliments your play style and may even work as a backup plan in case your preferred fighter gets injured or taken out by an opponent’s special move. With so many great fighters available, which ones do you choose and

How To Play Mutant Fighting Cup

Using Mouse

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