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Familiy-friendly online farming simulation game where you collect and breed animals. Build up a farm, manage resources and sell output to earn money. Raise livestock, grow plants and harvest seeds to generate additional income. Trade with neighbors or sell excess produce at the agricultural market. Purchase new types of animals, buildings and plants from the store to expand your operation. Sell surplus produce at the agricultural market to get cash for upgrading your facilities or buying new livestock breeds. Upgrade existing buildings so they have more production space and provide better care for additional livestock or crops. Create an efficient farm management system by designating zones for various types of livestock, planting crops in defined areas and separating predators from their

Peep the cute farm animals, grow crops and raise livestock in this addictive farming game! Choose from over 30 quirky but adorable animals including sheep, chickens and bunnies who require individual care. Features: - Cute graphics and animations! You’ll want to take care of every single animal. - Unlock new farms and upgrades as you progress through levels. - Grow a variety of crops on your farm: strawberries, corn, onions and pumpkins! - Manage your resources wisely by planting less profitable plants in your back gardens. Either pick up or sell the plants that don’t sell for a profit. Sell those that are expensive or hard to grow so you can use them again next year. Keep what you can and replant so it grows again next

This is the first Farming game for your PC. You start as an inexperienced farmer who only owns a small farm plot. With your efforts and smart management, you aim to grow your farm into an extensive agricultural empire! Grow crops, livestock and trees to sell or use for production of other goods. Expand your farm through land purchases and animal breeding. Raise protective wall encircling your property to secure it from harm. Attract more buyers by selling produce at the local market. And go beyond imagination by expanding your operation onto another piece of

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Using Mouse

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