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This is a battle royale game where you fight each other to the death. Choose one of three character types in the beginning, and then fight it out for supremacy in this pixelated medieval world. Will you be the last man standing? You can also play against your friends and other players from around the world via Game Center. There are three characters available at the start of the game: - The Knight - He's fast and skilled with a lance or sword. However, he has a low HP count and can't attack twice in a row. - TheWarrior- Superb with melee weapons like axes or clubs. However, his offense is less than his defense makes up for. - The Archer- Ruthless with bows or crossbows. She can't attack more than once per round, but her accuracy is

Gun meets Sandman in this battle royale showdown. The only way to stop it all is with your own hands. Plan your moves carefully, or else you and thousands of other players will be left behind! In a world where guns are no longer the answer, it’s time to meet the new challenge head-on. Let this be your battle royal — a fast-paced version of the Gun Game with a twist of Sandman. Only those who survive the carnage will take home the spoils. Fight it out to the last player or get overwhelmed by a army of warriors. It’s up to you which route you’ll take to win this Gun Duel — but remember, there are no second chances in Gun Battle

To keep the action going, battle royale games usually have a mode called "Battle Royale". Get ready to take part in this wild card game mode where you fight it out to die. The battle lasts for 24 hours and anyone can sign up to become the Battle Royale king or queen. But which game mode should you choose? There are various considerations that will guide you in making the right choice. Read on to know

How To Play Pocket Battle Royale

Using Mouse

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