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The world is ending. Don’t worry, it’s not the Rapture. It’s called the Pop Up Blocker, and it’s an arcade game you have to play before the apocalypse starts. The Pop Up Blocker is a casual online multiplayer game that requires players to understand and solve visually-interactive logic puzzles as quickly as possible within time limits. If you can pop up the blocks without being blocked by another player, you gain points; if you’re blocked by another player, you lose points. The first person to earn a set amount of points wins! If you like competitive online puzzle games but want something more lighthearted and accessible than that hardcore No New Pushers or Blockers competition, then this is the game for you! You can play solo against computer opponents or join up with other human players in local games to master challenging levels. The physics engine behind the Pop Up Blocker is based on Video Game Logic Theory, a subfield of Computer Science that studies how different video games work by testing their feasibility using logical reasoning (often referred to as "playing" or "solving"

You are stuck in a room with only one door, and there is a monster blocking the entrance. You can’t leave the room, so what do you do? This is the premise of this game. You must PUNISH THE MONSTER! This game uses HTML5 & JavaScript to display an arcade-style, online version of the classic games. Some of these games will probably not work on modern browsers (IE, FF), but most will (Chrome). If you have a slow connection or are using an older browser, some elements may appear delayed or/and unpredictable. The objective is simple: take it out by shooting the purple ‘up’ bubbles (leftover pixels from the old arcade machines). There are 33 different levels to play through from simple to insanely difficult. The more bubbles you pop successfully, the further you go in the game! Includes everything you need for playing, no installation required. No ads, no in-app

Get ready to pop up and defend your house from crazy people popping up out of nowhere. Fight other players in the house block game or use the internet connection to fight other players online. It is probably the most popular game on Facebook, but many people don’t know how it actually works or how to stop it from happening. This article explains everything you need to know about popping up blockers, including how they work, how to stop them and how they affect your game

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