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If you thought it was bad when Triceratops ate your friends and family, wait until you see what they do to dinosaurs. ancient robots have been hunting down dinosaurs for thousands of years, using sophisticated computers to track their movements and predict their attack patterns. But now that the dinosaurs are back on Earth, these robot hunters are making things a lot more difficult for themselves. They’re targeting triceratops, a specific type of dinosaur that’s become extinct millions of years ago. These vicious creatures have one defense against the hunter robots: light. They’re always looking for a dark and stormy night to roast them alive with thunderbolts from the heavens. If you find yourself in the middle of a prehistoric battle royale, here's how you can stay alive: * REVENGE OF THE TRICERATOPS - 3D SHOOTING GAME * Weapon includes : T-Rex Claw,Saberidge Claw, Shurikens,Galil Rifles T-Rex is back! In this third installment in the REVENGE OF THE TRICERATOPS series (and believe us we know there are plenty of sequels), players take control of one of three different character classes as they fight through an ever-changing environment to take down the most dreaded dino on Earth. Immerse yourself in an endless game where every shot you fire is equal parts action and strategy as you try to outsmart and outlast your

The Triceratops is one of the most dangerous dinosaurs to ever live. It’s canid-like head and horned snout gave it an advantage over other prehistoric animals. Its sharp horns made it deadly in combat, while its sheer size eventually made it a major threat to any human that walked the Earth. Now, you can fight back against this prehistoric menace in this 3D online shooting game called Revenge Of The Triceratops. You are a hunter who has been tasked with tracking down a group of triceratops who have escaped and terrorized a remote village. Your mission is simple: blow all the creatures away with your trusty rifle, while avoiding their teeth, horns, and whether or not they’re alive. Aim carefully, because if you miss even one triceratops- get ready for

All dinosaurs are equal: triceratops, stegosaurus, pterodactyl, quetzalcoatlus. They all have four legs. They all have dinosaur toes. They all have reptilian teeth, that’s right, they have TRICERATOPES! They are the king of the dinosaurs and they will bring you back to your childhood as you battle against time itself to save yourself and reclaim your

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Using Mouse

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