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It's time to build your own Minecraft server! We think that game servers are important assets - they provide a great atmosphere for playing games, they act as a community hub where friends can come and chat, they host interactive gamification features so players don't have to leave their game to play against another player or an AI bot, and of course they provide a great place for your fans to come and play with you. But what if you want to do more than just host regular minecraft servers? What if you want to make them even better than the vanilla servers we all know and love? Well, that's what this blog post is about - it's our take on how you can implement some of the ideas that are making the PLAY network so popular. Let's see what we can build

Welcome to the world of Swoopio! It’s an open-ended, multiplayer, crafting & building game powered by HTML5 and blockchain technology. You are a creature of the air, far more agile than you look. Using flapping wings and powerful legs, you can reach places others cannot. Build for yourself or your friends in this epic multiplayer sandbox survival game. Challenge your friends to be the first to reach100 million flying points or be the last to leave the Mushroom

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a multiplayer game in HTML5 with WebGL and WebSocket support. You will start with building a simple model farm simulator and develop it into a fully featured online animal breeding and trading simulation

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