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In this game you have to destroy all the pumpkins. Avoid their attacks and use your powers wisely. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move and attack, space bar to create a portal and use it again to teleport back. Make sure you have some power-ups before going for a wave of 7 pumpkins. You can also combine 2 or more portals to create walls of force that will either push or pull the pumpkins towards you. Your ultimate goal is to destroy as many pumpkins as possible while avoiding the obstacles. Have fun! Controls Feel free to post any questions in the comments section below or send me an email: And thanks for playing! If you like this game, be sure to check out my other flash games: The Mystic Pumpkin Stole Christmas, A Land Without Thunder, A Portal Is Created By Pulling All The Other Super Cool Exotic Physics Games There's No Such Thing As Too Much Physics And Fantasy One of my favorite parts about Halloween is all the crazy costumes! From ghouls and ghosts to spooky witches, everyone is someone else's cup of Halloween tea (or candy corn). Now, imagine being able to take your own terror wardrobe from home for a night on the town? You can with this fully-functional magical pumpkin that not only hatches itself but becomes an unstoppable killing machine when released from its

You are a pumpkin who has the ability to move objects with your mind. But that's not all, because at the back of your head is a huge and scary forcefield that keeps you safe. Unfortunately, there's a new and extremely evil pumpkin known as The Mindless One. If you see him, your mind will turn to sugar and you'll become his snack. How to Destroy Mindless Pumpkin? When playing our game "Destroy Mindless Pumpkin", it is important NOT TO TOUCH THE PUMPKIN (or the other way around). If you do, he will take control of you and destroy the world! Use your mouse to control the pumpkin while avoiding other pumpkins which are trying to get their hands on it. There are 9 different worlds in Destroy Mindless Pumpkin and if you can destroy all of them, you win! Good luck! If this post helped you, please like or share so others could benefit from it as

HALLOWEEN is right around the corner and people are getting freakin’ spooky! What better way to express yourself than by creating some weird and wacky Halloween items? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete noob, using your surroundings to your advantage is always fun. Whether you’re going for an all out demonic look or something more subtle, using your environment to your advantage has its perks. So get ready to explore the world of webgl physics with this ultimate guide on how to create the scariest pumpkin

How To Play Telekinetic Pumpkin

Using Mouse

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