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Your standard, run-of-the-mill scowling game character with a suit of armor and a couple of weapons. Except it’s not really ‘normal’ anymore. Scrappers are a special kind of creature that live in the vacuum of space. There’s something about the vacuum that makes them special – maybe it’s the extreme isolation? Or maybe just being able to operate without atmosphere allows these creatures to survive in ways other life forms can’t. Regardless, scrappers have been around for thousands of years, and they still retain many of their ancient

You are the last scrapper on Earth. Your job is to fight and destroy everything that stands in your way to protect our world from the Void Scrappers. Utilizing your Void Scrapper as a weapon, you must destroy all lifeforms, avoid obstacles and traps and upgrade it with new weapons to defeat enemies and obstacles. Explore different areas of the world, fight aliens and use special upgrades to escape from dangerous situations. Collect valuable resources and upgrade your scooter to become the most powerful

Your task in this physics-based combat game is to destroy as many of the enemies’ platforms as possible. You can do that by shooting them with space-age weapons like missiles, trampolines, and vacuum cleaners. Or you can simply drive over them with your space ship. Either way, you’ll have to fight your way through an increasingly difficult series of challenges to become a space bounty

How To Play Void Scrappers

Using Mouse

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