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Looking for a fun and challenging game? Are you ready to begin your hunt in the beautiful forests with your trusty hunting dog Spud? Today is your lucky day - Your father has left you his hunting estate as a gift. You have so much to do in order to make this place like no other! From fixing broken cameras, to reviving old trees, you will have to work harder than you ever thought if you want to see pastures green again. In this Android game, you’ll take on the role of a young man who inherits his father’s large hunting estate. You’ll need to manage forestry and upgrade facilities in order to ensure that the forest continues producing high-quality venison year after year. Upgrade traps, buildings, and more to attract more animals and increase earnings from selling their meat and skins. Then plan your next move carefully — you never know which animal will appear

Do you like the thrill of hunting animals? Do you love the smell of fresh air and mud on your feet as you go out to hunt animals? If so, then this game is just for you! With its multiple levels and different environment, this game will keep you addicted for an extended period of time. Will you be able to unlock all the levels and dominate them all? You’ll have to play it to find out. In this game, we will be playing the role of a hunter who is tasked with capturing as many animals as possible. We will utilize various weapons like traps and rifles in order to achieve this. There are various wild animals that inhabit the forests which makes it hard for us to hunt them down one by one. But don’t worry; with a little bit of practice, we can get used to it! Read more details and watch video

Welcome to the world of the alfa wolf, a land with mountains, valleys and a sea of ice. In this massive wilderness, where only the strongest and most cunning can survive. The alfa wolves are the ultimate apex predators who rule every inch of it. They are faster stronger and smarter than any other animal on other alfa wolves of course! Are you brave enough to be like them? Hunt down your prey or become the predator in this hunt- Simulation - Hunting Is Yours - Upgrade Your Home - Become More Domesticated And Become A Better Predator - Get New Friends To Help You In Your Quest To Become King Of The Alfa

How To Play Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D

Using Mouse

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