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It’s time to test your skills as a warrior and your courage as a hero in this dark, mysterious world. In ZENA, you will explore a vast 2D dungeon-crawler where you must fight your way to the top by defeating monsters and guarding valuable loot. This will be a grueling test of skill, luck, and perseverance as you explore dark dungeons, kill dangerous monsters, and find challenging loot. Can you face your fears and prove yourself to be a true hero? Or will you become the “ZENA” of your friends? Controls: Use the WASD keys to move, jump & attack with weapons. Z - Jump X - Attack C - Cast magic A - Cast special abilities (optional) Spacebar - Taunt R1/Right Mouse Button - Boost 5 additional times X2/Left Mouse Button - Slow Time Placeholder – Inventory Placeholder – Dungeon AI Placeholder – Monsters Placeholder – Loot 15 second break 30 seconds end Test ended Challenge yourself by playing against other players or AI. Or create an avatar (2 player mode) with up to 6 other players in real time! With up to 4 GPUs for unprecedented GPU performance, it’s time to see who can slay the dragon -- or at least finish it first on

Computer game released in 2010, Zena Trial of the Gods is a 2 player action/combat, survival and fantasy WebGL game. It allows players to take on the roles of gods who are locked in combat with one another. As they fight, they gain experience and new abilities to help them become stronger and survive longer, or to weaken their opponents so that they can be killed and win the game! The ending scene for each god’s battle shows which god has won. If the god with less experience is able to defeat the other gods, he or she will become that god’s successor and take their place as God. The loser is forced to go into exile for 1000 years (Game time). If an opposing god gains enough experience over that time period, then that opponent can stand in their way and try to take their place as

A young woman is transported back in time to assist her fellow gods in defeating the ancient being known only as Zena. However, things are not as they seem and the player must use their wits and skills as a monster slayer to overcome dangerous monsters and save humanity from extinction. The world is at an end and only you can close

How To Play Zena: Trial of the Gods

Using Mouse

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