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Zombies are rising! Fight them using only your gun and your wits! Zombies are now coming after the human race. To fight back, you need to put your skills as a gunfighter to use. Fight off the zombies with your weapon of choice - a pistol, shotgun, machine gun or even a trusty old revolver. Use all five senses to fight the horde - smell for blood, see for wounds, hear for screams, taste for infecteds and smell again to identify the zombie source. You have limited ammo but that doesn’t mean you can’t fire as many shots as you can! The more damage you can inflict on the zombies the sooner they will run away in surrender or be killed by another round of bullets. Try not to kill too many zombies though or else there won’t be any more humans around to

Zombies have come up to get their brains cooked off in the land of the living. But, these bloodthirsty humans have been driven back to the brink of extinction by a new breed of virus that can only be stopped by an equal and opposite force. Enter bullets! Zombies do not take well to steel-cased crimson projectiles and will do anything to escape being exterminated. With that being said, nothing can stop a bullet once it’s been fired—especially when it’s being fired by an agile and highly-skilled marksman like yourself. Unleash your inner zombie hunter and protect those who cannot fight for

Survive in the post-apocalyptic world of Zombie Defense! Escape from the zombie filled school and destroy as many zombies as you can. Use your gun, your knife and your brains to fight against the hordes of undead! Upgrade your weapons, buy new ones and level up to gain access to more powerful versions of them. Fight off swarms of zombies in 3 different game modes. Try us out for free and see if you like

How To Play Zombie Defense

Using Mouse

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